Tapered Edge, Perlite Cant, Fiberboard manufactured to specs


CAL CANT Cant Strips: Are used where a flat roof deck intersects a parapet wall, as a means of transitioning the sharp 90 degree angle into two 45 degree angles, for proper roof membrane application.

CAL CANT Edge Strips: Are used where a flat roof deck meets an elevated edge, such as a skylight, roof hatch, HVAC unit, or roof edge, as a means of smoothing the transition and/or keeping drainage water away from potential problem areas.

CAL CANT Tapered Systems: Provide proper roof slope for drainage purposes by means ranging from strategically placed crickets and saddles, to entire roof tapered design.

CAL CANT Perlite Insulation Board: Manufactured from expanded Perlite aggregate, waterproofing agents, and lignocellulose binders. This product uses a substantial amount of recycled material is biodegradable, and fire rated by major insurance laboratories. It is dimensionally stable and the insulation value remains constant through years of use.

CAL CANT Fiberboard Insulation: Is factory formed from a specially selected blend of strong natural fiber, which are mechanically fiberized and then treated for moisture resistance. The result is a durable, structurally rigid, roofing substrate with excellent insulation properties, uniform density, dimensional stability, and moisture resistance.