Lucas offers 2 types of roofing granules: colored ceramic & natural white marble.

Granules have 5 main purposes:

  • Protect the roof membrane from the elements, including harmful UV rays, hail and birds
  • Provide fire resistance
  • Add to the aesthetic beauty and hide slight imperfections, i.e. asphalt lap bleed out and slight ponding aka bird baths
  • Assist with foot traction and safety
  • Assist as a primer providing an adhering surface for future recoating, especially if silicone is involved

Colored Ceramic Coated Granules: a natural extremely hard mineral coated in ceramic which is dense, non-porous, opaque, and tough enough to stand up to pneumatic handling. Available in 12 solid colors and over 50 different blended colors.

Roof manufacturer color cross reference board. When ordering blended colors, use the stated numerical code and preface with RG, i.e. Cedar / Shakewood is RG43

At Lucas Products, we carry specialty 3M Granules including Smog-Reducing Roofing Granules, Highly Reflective Roofing Granules and Cool Roofing Granules